Disputing 1099C when charged-off?

FDIC v. Cashion, 4th Circuit Court of Appeals, 2013

The plain language of the regulation leads us to conclude that filing a Form 1099-C is a creditor's required means of satisfying a reporting obligation to the IRS; it is not a means of accomplishing an actual discharge of debt, nor is it required only where an actual discharge has already occurred.

Citing subsection (a) of the regulations discussed above, the IRS responded that it "does not view a Form 1099-C as an admission by the creditor that it has discharged the debt and can no longer pursue collection." In the second letter, the IRS assured a concerned creditor that filing a Form 1099-C satisfies the reporting requirements of statute and implementing regulations, neither of which "prohibit collection activity after a creditor reports by filing a Form 1099-C.

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